Dating in a bad economy –

Being single is a lot like being unemployed. Without relationships or jobs, anxiety about the future increases while self-esteem proportionately decreases. Freud said the two most important things in this life are the work you choose and sex. Even if Freud was wrong, there is a substantial amount of effort people go through to acquire these things.

I have always seen dating and interviewing as virtually the same process. The hierarchy of dating is markedly similar to the steps on the corporate ladder. Some women I have met hire a lot of entry-level men, while others close the position for the CEO after a few months. The constants in the formula of love are the interviewer and the interviewee, and as in the job market the interviewer is always whomever holds the resources (from my crude understanding of economics, women frequently are enabled to do their own hiring because of the high price of mammary stocks). Once a mutually beneficial arrangement is reached, the interviewer and interviewee become employer and employee. The whole system of currency in dating is of course entirely imaginary, and within the system those who profit the most usually perpetuate a great deal of fraud.

I discuss these ideas because I feel the love economy is beginning to slump. I think people are aware of this decline, but they have underestimated its magnitude. The media has done nothing to bring awareness to the impending crisis; if anything they have continued to spin a narrative of “it’s all good.” Like the movies tell us; no matter how toxic our relationship assets are, our relationships are simply too big to fail and they deserve another bailout.


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